5 Swings To Greatness

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In this episode, Alisha talks about the importance of getting into place. She uses Jack Canfields book, The Success Principles to emphasize how important it is to be consistent.

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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life


When you change your mindset, you change your life. Change comes when you value where you are while having a vision for your future. Alisha talks about the importance of living in the moment knowing how your “masterpiece day” will look. She explains how to never look at your current situation as a set back, but as a set up for success.

Change Counts


Often times we walk over pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters, overlooking their value. Sometimes we look at coins and think that they are worthless. In this episode Alisha explains how Americans throw away $62 million dollars a year in coins. She explains the importance coins and how overtime, they add up.

Give It Your All


A lot of times the easiest things it just going with the flow and not giving life your very best. In this episode Alisha gives tips and strategies in how to live life to the fullest. She shares her personal story about entrepreneurship and it’s challenges. She encourages you to give life your ALL!

Be Thankful


Sometimes the hardest practice can be practicing gratitude. As a society, we get so hung up in our lives that we forget to be thankful. In this episode, Alisha talks about the power of gratitude and how imperative it is to be thankful.



Business is all about elevation and growth. On this weeks podcast, Alisha talks all about growing in your business. For more episodes visit: www.alisharichard.com

Story Telling: the Foundation of a Business


Storytelling connects us all. The way we remember a person, a brand or an influencer is by the story he or she tells that connects us. The story is the foundation of it all. From bible stories to inspirational stories, storytelling encourages us. We remember things through the concepts of storytelling. So I want to encourage you all to be bold in your story. Don’t be afraid to tell who you are! Share your light even when the way seems so dark. Live #arichlife

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Know Thyself | Clarity


On today’s episode we are going to talk about clarity, and how being clear about who you are, and what you want can direct you to a path of infinite possibilities. This episode will help you if your having a hard time trying to find your purpose in life. This episode will also help you define your goals, and the steps that you need in order to have a successful business and life and to take a weekly self-evaluation to bring clarity in your business and life. 



How to Handle Being Broke


At some point in time, we all hit rock bottom. This episode is to help with finances. It's how you can cope when being on the bottom. One thing to know is that if you can't handle $100 you can't handle a million dollars. Let's start saving our money so that we all can live ARich Life. In our finances, business, and in our minds, body and soul. For more information visit: alisharichard.com

How to Become a Guru


The term “Guru” has been used in a way to describe a person who’s an expert in any field. In this episode, Alisha explains how to become a “guru” or an expert in your field. One of the main points is by doing research, knowing your niche audience, and finding your topic of expertise. For more information visit: www.alisharichard.com 


Be Whole Within Your Business & Soul with Angel O. Livingston

With Angel Onley Livingston.jpg

From co-workers to now business owners, Alisha and Angel talk about how your mind, body, and soul plays a major role in business. As the Soul Healing Coach and entrepreneur, Angel emphasizes the importance of self-care and living a holistic life. Although she wears many different hats throughout the course of her day, she still manages to be an author, wife, mom, entrepreneur, life coach and so much more. For more information about the podcast visit: www.alisharichard.com

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4 Ways to Improve Your Business... That Has Nothing to do With Business


In this episode, Alisha and Matthew Richard talk about ways to improve your business that has nothing to do with business. As entrepreneurs or side hustlers, we all get caught up in marketing, special promotions, social media, and so much more. In this episode they go over the four main ways to improve in your business while keeping your health and fitness at the forefront. To see more information visit: www.alisharichard.com

Working With Your Spouse with Matthew Richard

New Episode-2.jpg

As a husband and wife team, Matthew and Alisha Richard explains the nature of their business and how it is to work with your spouse. As a high school football coach, mentor, and teacher, Matthew explains the advantages and disadvantages of working with his wife Alisha. 

Together, they have photographed over 100 weddings and have worked with over 1,000 families and are giving insight on how they were able to grow their business as a couple. For more information visit: www.alisharichard.com 


Jump! From the Bank to the Beauty Salon with Latoya Marie

From Hurt to Hustle-2.jpg

From the bank to the beauty salon, Latoya Marie talks about how she transitioned from working on her job of 12 years. Latoya talks about her struggles, accomplishments, and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. She emphasized the importance of networking, marketing, and confidence. Although social media is a great tool to use, she explained how traditional marketing still works! Listen and share this empowering episode about entrepreneurship and how you can do it too! Let live, #arichlife

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The Game of Business | Which Play to Play

Sports and a business mindset is parallel. When it comes to skills, plays, coaching, and teamwork, basketball and business have unique aspects. As a former athlete, and coaches wife, Alisha explains the importance of skill, strategy, and personal development as it correlates to basketball. She talks about the importance of winning in business and the importance of living ARich Life.

Write it Down | Make it Happen

How to Get What You Want | Write it Down 


We all have goals, desires, and things we want to achieve but the question is how do I get what I want, desire, and have always dreamed of? 

In this Podcast, I will provide you with examples on the journey to getting your hearts desires. Rather it’s in business, life, relationships, or your career. 

This episode is for the person who’s been struggling in their business or personal life and are looking for hope. Or simply for things to finally happen. 

It’s for the person who seems themselves in a better way but have seemed to not have manifested it yet. 

What I’m going to go over is how to tell the universe exactly what you want and how you can achieve it. 


7 Businesses to Start for Under $1,000.00

Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something new? I know, I know, your ambitious and you want to finally say, “I QUITTING MY JOB” but wait! Then the birds begin to chirp because you don’t even know what you want to do. 

A lot of us find ourselves there. If your anything like me you are determined, your a go getter, and you know you want your life to take another turn for the good, but the thing is specifying exactly what you want to do. 

This episode will be able to help you think outside the box. To help you find a way to make some extra cash. Some of the businesses I will name you may already be familiar with. Hopefully this episode brings confirmation to some of you who are listening. Some of the ideas I mention you may say….. HMMMMMMM I thought of that before. Well, listen up. Buckle up your seat belts and let’s get ready to RIDE! 

This is just a start to a new beginning and to a new business or side hustle while telling you the business you can start for less than $1,000.00