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Declutter December

December Declutter .jpg

Now that we are at the end of the year it is time to set new goals and new expectations.

It’s time to close out old projects and start new ones.

This episode is to help us all to just declutter and get ready for the new year.

We are also going to focus on decluttering because decluttering brings a sense of relief, focus, and clarity.

When you have a clear space you have a clear mind.
When things around you is organized you tend to get more things accomplished.

When your organized you tend to be more creative and when your organized your in a better mood.

Make sure you visit the Freebie section so you can download the Declutter December Checklist.

Stay fabulous*

Alisha Richard


Know Thyself | Clarity


On today’s episode we are going to talk about clarity, and how being clear about who you are, and what you want can direct you to a path of infinite possibilities. This episode will help you if your having a hard time trying to find your purpose in life. This episode will also help you define your goals, and the steps that you need in order to have a successful business and life and to take a weekly self-evaluation to bring clarity in your business and life. 



How to Save Cash to Start Your Small Business


This podcast is all about the simple things you can do from day to day to help you save your money to purchase the equipment you need or the courses you need so that you will have a strong start. 

The last thing I want you all to do is to say that your starting a business but don’t have enough of the funds for your startup. 

One of the first things you need to do is figure out what type of business you want to have. Will you start a photography business? A bakery business? Are you going to open a hair salon? T-shirt company? Or will you have an online business? I need you to first have a clear understanding of the type of business that you want to start. 

Once you have that in mind, the second thing I need you to do is research that business. I need you to use google, Pinterest, Yahoo, go to the library, any type of business you want to start, I need you to do your research so you can know the materials you will need. 

While doing your research calculate the startup cost, the equipment you will use, and the materials you will use on a day to day basis. 

Then you will create a month to month budget so you can begin to save your money to start the business you've always dreamed of. 




Top Three Things to Know Before You Start Your Business


Alisha Richard has been an entrepreneur for 7 years. During that course of time she has learned a whole lot about her photography business and she gives her top three things on what to do before starting a small business. 

Alisha talks about managing your credit card expenses, having a mentor, and purchasing items for your business at a discounted value. She shares her journey about becoming an entrepreneur and how you don't have to make the same business mistakes as she did. 


Alisha's photography website: 

How to Create a Life Plan


Creating a life plan is essential for any successful business. Life plans not only create direction and intention but having a plan will help you to know what direction your business is going to take. 

Knowing your Passion, Finance goals, Relationships, Spirituality, Health, and Nutrition are so necessary on your entrepreneurial journey. 

In this episode, Alisha not only shares some insightful resources but she's been able to help you with business ideas.



Characteristics of an Entrepreneur


Are you a dreamer? Yes! You! Are you constantly thinking about ways to escape your current job to create your dream job? 

This episode talks all about the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Are you creative, controlling, and a lifelong learner? Well, this episode is just for you. 

Alisha shares her personal experience about being an entrepreneur and she also gives you tips in knowing if you have the characteristics of being a girl boss.