How to React After Receiving so many No's.

1. Think about what you could do to get better results the next time. When we are on our journey to success, we must realize that there is no elevator, but we must take the stairs. So think about how you can get stronger and do better.

2. The next thing I need you to do to keep your momentum and not deviate from your plan. A lot of times when we get a NO we will start doing something else. We will say, well, that didn’t work out I guess I’ll work on a whole new project. BUT NOOOOO!!!! That’s not the answer. Stay focused on that one thing, and I promise the results will come.

3. Is to realize your internal dialogue. A lot of times it’s what we say to ourselves that keep us from achieving. A lot of times we put our own selves down then we wonder why we lose hope. So make sure you have positive affirmations to keep your spirits lifted.

4. And the last thing I want you to do is to make sure that you join our Facebook group. There you will have a place of supportive women who want you to achieve. Who wants you to succeed and who wants you to accomplish your goal.

In closing, remember that you are going to experience some Noes in your life.

And please realize that 99 doesn’t work, but we must get to 100.